These are some of the projects we are currently working on:

Logo is an online confessional where users can submit and publish their confessions. The user community the comments on the sins committed and absolves the sinners (or not).

Logo is a simple online tool with which you can easily determine within seconds whether your personal vanity URL (e.g. your name or brand) is still available as domain, Facebook or Twitter name.

Logo is a marketplace for rewards from member-get-member and referral programs. It will launch very soon. If you are interested in joining our private beta, let us know by dropping us a mail.

Logo is a daily deal platform for the West-African market and has successfully launched in summer 2011. Ugodeal is the market leader in Ghana and growing strongly every day.

Salz sucht Suppe

Logo is a blog for all fans of entertaining and funny love, dating, etc. classified ads